MasterCard Debit & Credit Card Conversion, October 26

We are gearing up for our upcoming debit and credit card conversion to MasterCard on October 26, and hope to make this transition as smooth as possible for our members. You may continue to use your current Montana Federal Credit Union Visa debit and credit cards until our conversion is complete, but here are a few important things to note:

  • Your new Montana FCU MasterCard debit and credit cards will be mailed to you the week of October 12.
  • For security purposes, your new PIN will be mailed to you separately. Watch for your PIN to arrive the week of October 19.
  • You may pre-activate your new card when you receive it, but it will not work until Monday, October 26.
  • You should securely destroy your old Montana FCU debit and credit cards after October 26.
  • We anticipate no downtime for card usage during this period.
  • Please be mindful of any automatic or monthly charges to your credit and/or debit cards. Many online services such as Hulu or Netflix, as well as gyms, daycares, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, may be set up to automatically charge your card each month. To ensure no interruption of services, please update your new card information with these types of businesses promptly.

Your new Montana Federal Credit Union MasterCard debit and credit cards come with added benefits such as ID Theft Resolution Services, MasterCard Identity Theft Alerts, Price Protection, Extended Warranty, and Satisfaction Guarantee. In addition, MasterCard has two times the acceptance rate worldwide over American Express, and is currently accepted at 35 million merchants in 201 countries and territories worldwide. Our relationship will open up a world of opportunities for our members!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Montana Federal Credit Union debit and credit cards and this upcoming card conversion, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by calling us at (406) 727-2210, or sending us an email at