Free Kasasa Saver Account

Grow your savings without a second thought! Link this free, dividend-bearing account to your Kasasa Cash® checking account and double up on your rewards.

Member Savings

Gain membership to Montana Federal Credit Union and the ability to open any of our other checking or savings accounts — all with a free savings solution.

Pee Wee Penguin Youth Savings

Help your kids learn good money habits right from the start! This account rewards them for making deposits and is available for kids up to nine years old.

FYI Club Savings

For kids and young adults ages 10 to 22, this account grants you Montana FCU membership and pays you competitive dividends to help you grow your savings.

Christmas Club Savings

Avoid holiday stress with a savings account that lets you set aside money all year specifically for the holiday season! Plus, earn competitive dividends.

Money Market Accounts

Investing doesn’t have to mean giving up complete access to your money. Enjoy liquidity and competitive, tiered dividends with this free savings account.

Share Certificates

A risk-free way to expand your savings — choose your term, earn fixed rates, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly how much you’ll get and when.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Get the retirement you deserve — set aside money now. We offer traditional and Roth IRAs, so you can choose the plan that meets your needs.