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WINcentive Savings

Our WINcentive® Savings account is what is known as a prize-linked savings account. Prize-linked savings accounts were allowed by legislation in Montana in 2017. These types of accounts encourage people to save by building regular savings habits, with the added fun of the chance to win a cash prize. Think of it as playing the lottery responsibly, except that you can't lose your money!


WINcentive® Savings is...

  • a free savings account that we are offering exclusively to Montana FCU members
  • a $5 minimum opening deposit is required
  • a yearlong commitment to save money
  • every $25 saved earns you an entry into a statewide cash prize drawing (maximum of 4 entries per month)!


  • statewide prizes are awarded monthly (4 prizes for $100 each), quarterly (1 prize for $1,000), and 1 yearly grand prize of $5,000!
  • in addition, we will be holding drawings just for Montana Federal Credit Union members. We will have one MFCU winner each month ($100 prize), each quarter ($250 prize), and one annual prize winner of $500! 

Sign up for your WINcentive® Savings Account today!

You must be a Montana resident, be 18 years of age or older, and in good standing with the credit union to be eligible for a WINcentive® Savings Account. Children/minors are not eligible for a WINcentive® Savings Account. Only one WINcentive® Savings Account per social security number at Montana Federal Credit Union. You must come in to a branch to open this account. Monthly drawings occur around the 15th of each month for the previous month's entries, and we will notify you after the drawing if you are a winner. 

This is a free account, with no monthly service fees. There are fees for any early withdrawals before the 12 month savings period is over ($10 for first withdrawal, $25 for second withdrawal). Please speak with a member services representative for more details.

Sometimes we all need a little incentive to save!